4moon11Day.2024The global partner conference of SZDEC was held in Guangzhou. At the meeting, Mitsubishi Electric, the agent brand of Global Group, was once again awarded "Gold Partner" by SZDEC. This award is the highest honor given to partners by SZDEC!

mutually profitable cooperation

 Over the past thirty years, from the first attempt to today's trust, Mitsubishi Electric from one machine to hundreds of machines across, not only the number of increases, but also the development of the deep South business witness. Not only Japan's Mitsubishi Electric, like screen direct imaging system, Burdon automatic laminating machine and so on, these intelligent equipment as your right-hand man, to help you stand out in the fierce competition in the market, to achieve the industry leader in the magnificent turn. Looking to the future, with the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous upgrading of intelligent machines, your career will usher in a broader development prospects. Let us continue to work together to create a better future!

About Shennan Circuit

Deep South Circuit is the world'stheIndustry Leading Enterprises,It is also the pioneer and leader in the field of chip package substrate in China.,It has an outstanding influence in the industry. Mitsubishi Electric, the agent brand of Global Group, astheSpecialized equipment, close cooperation with SZDL has been more than 30 years, both sides all the way forward,Continuous promotion of domestictheQuality development and disruptive innovation in industry.


In the future, World Wide Group will continue to deepentheand semiconductor packaging field, to provide one-stop high-end circuit board equipment project services, and constantly introduce high-precision equipment, and work with SZEC and customers to promote development!, Together, we will meet the challenges of the market and achieve greater success!